February 23, 2008

Snack Time

Hello everyone! Let me tell you about my snack time.

Everyday after my nap, I wake up, have snack and watch some DVDs. My mommy and daddy don't let me watch too much TV, because it is bad for me, but I do watch one of my DVDs for half another after my nap, while I eat my snack. Some days I have cookies or Cheerios, and some days I have an apple. I am big enough now to eat it on my own. See...

Mommy and daddy set up all their pillows on their bed and we lay around together, eat, sing and dance, and watch the cool shows.

The shows teach me things like colors and shapes, and how to dance, and this one is showing me an ear. I am talking so much now. My daddy will send a video soon. I can also sing the ABC song.
Well I have to get back to my show. I get in a bit of a trance when I watch; maybe that is why my mommy and daddy don't want me to watch too much TV.

See you soon...

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