February 16, 2008

Flippin Out Over Sunshine and Tomatoes

Hello everyone! Long time no see. Well let me assure you all that I am back and feeling great after a rough patch with my teeth and a fever. This weekend was a lot of fun, let me walk you through it. Here I am mesmerized by the flash. Have you ever seen one of these things? I can't believe I have never noticed it before. My daddy hates them, but look you can see that my eyes are hazel and not black!

We played a lot of ,"Throw Kaia around and watch her laugh hysterically" today...

...need a break.


We have a lot of fun my daddy and me.
Then it was out to take care of my daddy's tomato plants. They smell so good and a few of them have tiny tomatoes growing on them.

Back in side to enjoy the sunshine...

See you next time...

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