January 01, 2013

Where Did December Go?

Where is time flying to these days? Haven;t posted sine November? Wow. Here is some back log of photos. Me at roller blading

Skye taking some photos.

Out on the open road! Open'er up Skye.

Here I am with Santa. Skye was too scared.

Got some great new books today.

The Diva!

Hanging with friends at the Domes at Gardens by the Bay,

November 29, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Lots of bike riding.I am getting much better and more comfortable on my new two wheeler bike.

Skye at the arcade.

I have learned how to use email with Maily and I am obsessed with Moshi Monsters.

More bike rides.

Got the tree up!

More Moshi.....

November 19, 2012

Mommy's Gone

Mommy was on a school trip this week, and while we missed her, we held it all together. Started Friday with Crazy Hair Day and here is my own design.

Skye blowing a bit too hard.

We have discovered Moshi Monsters and can't get enough.

We also watched A Monster in Paris. It was such a pretty movie.

Today after school, daddy and I made a potion that keeps you young forever.

November 11, 2012

What a Week!

Wow, this has been a bust week. First of all, I lost my second tooth and got five bucks and a nice note from the Tooth Fairy.

Then Zoe finally came home. Which is nice cuz our house finally feels like home.

Almost passed Level One at Roller Blading!

We went to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox and it was, yup you guessed it- FANTASTIC!

 I also learned how to ride my bike without training wheels today.

Finally, we spent some time reading, writing, working on the computer and daddy was always napping.


It has taken us a while to post our Halloween pics but better late than never. Right? On the day of our school Trick or Treat, my frend Aisha had come over and we made Dream Catchers.

I dressed up as Alice and daddy was his own weird Mad Hatter.

Skye was really grumpy. Like REALLY grumpy, but finally she calmed down and was a cute mermaid.

That not Mya, was in town and we watched Tangled and had a sleep over. It was a great halloween this year.

October 28, 2012

Great October Break

We had a great week! We had some old friends in town, so we went with them to Sentosa Island 
where we hung out here. We also spent time at the Port of Lost Wonders, but had too much fun for photos.

We had dinner at Changi Village with old and new friends. Great to have Adam, Kirke, Elaina, and Emanuel in town.

We also needed and spent some down time just relaxing with a book on our new balcony furniture.

The best news was the new bikes and Weeride bike for me. We have already gone on a few rides and it is such great fun.

Slurpee Stop

Finally, I have been loving my Roller Blading class. Here we are getting started. After only 3 lessons. I am already pretty confident and good on my skates.

October 23, 2012

October Break

We have had a whole week off from school and have been having a great time with mommy and daddy home all day. Started off by setting up Fancy Nancy spa in the living room. Check out daddy's awesome blue toes.

A lot of time, relaxing and watching TV. Daddy calls this my "Diva" shot.

My dad introduced me to STAR WARS! I love it. We watched all three movies and I can't get enough.

We also got some great balcony furniture, so now we eat breakfast out side and hang-out just relaxing out there.

Spent the day at the Gardens By The Bay. Check out some of my daddy's pics here.

I started by roller-blading class. I was really nervou at first, but after I decided to try it-- I had a great time.

Skyelar having a funk-out.

More time outside.

We also got new scooters! This has been the week of Wheels!

Finally, Skye went poop on the potty TWICE in one day.

As you can see it has been a pretty exciting and fun week!

October 19, 2012

A Few More Random Pics

Sleeping angel.

Visiting Zoe! She is finally in Singapore and should be home soon.

Kaia looking so big.

Here is Kaia leaning about money and her three way bank.

Kaia is also learning about Creative Commons.