February 23, 2008


Although my hair was starting to look really pretty in the last few pictures, we had to cut it because it is always in my eyes. My daddy sat me down, wet my hair, and swish cut my bangs. It was real easy this time. I didn't scream or nuthin. I actually liked it.

Then I asked to style it myself with my comb...

Here it is. I think it is a bit too short, but my daddy say it will grow in soon. "Don't quit your day job daddy," I tell him.

I guess it does look okay. Alright everyone. See you next week!

1 comment:

  1. ahh--- kaia- i have had a haircut like that myself- courtesy of my mom. let this be a life lesson to NOT let your parents cut your hair :) i actually think it looks rather nice- and shows off your lovely curls in the back.