September 06, 2007

It's Getting Hot OUT Here!

Hello everyone! It looks like we are back on track. We finally have internet at home and more importantly we finally have a home. My room looks so cool! We should have pictures of it soon. So stay patient. But things here are changing quickly. I am getting so big an doing new things every day. I can now say the word BABY! but enough talk, let's get to the pictures.

Last weekend I got a pool and some outside play toys. Although it was about 100 degrees at 8 am and I was a bit sick, we braved the elements and went out for some water time..

I'm not gonna lie, it wasn't all that great.

I was really cranky and it was too hot! Even in the water...

I tried to have fun, but I just wasn't feeling it that day.

You need to get out of the sun and into the AC when you start to look like this:

1 comment:

  1. Look at all those toys. Who got to blow up the pool?