April 21, 2007


Sorry we missed the pictures from last week, but we were having problems with our modem. So let's get to our library photos form last week:

I've got this crawling thing down. I can move very quickly, and I am constantly in a variety of great poses. These shots were right after my shower, and I was feeling pretty preppy, with the polo shirt and all.

Both my parents love to read, and so our house is covered in books. I am really starting to like them too. I already have a lot of books, and I love flipping the pages and simply spending time with them. It's hard not to get excited about books!

Let me show you around. This is the spiritual, political, musical and language section of our library. The fiction section is in the spare bedroom/office. My dad is very particular in ordering things he likes, like music and books.

Oh! Bonjour! Here I am looking at my mommy's dictionaries. She loves languages. I hope I can speak a few language when I grow up too. Right now I can make a few sounds. They include: TTTT, Ba Ba, Da Da, Pa Pa, La La, and a weird KRHHCHCSSHS sound I just started.

Well, thanks for coming, but I must get back to my reading. See you next time.

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