April 09, 2007

Easter Sunday and the Buddha's Birthday

Here are a few pictures of me dressed up in my Sunday's best. Thanks Grand Ma Mary Jo for my cool "Every Bunny Loves Me" bib, and my first Easter basket. Also thank you Auntie Marjan for this pretty dress. See it fits me now! Now, on to the pictures! As you can see I was quite excited to get outside in the sun and take some pictures.

But then we calmed down a bit and took some more subdued shots as well.

Then we just hung hung out a while and daddy clicked away.

Sunday and the livin's easy!

April 8th is also when people celebrate the Buddha's birthday in Japan, so my daddy wanted to take some shots for that holiday too, seeing that we don't really celebrate Easter. His birthday is actually celebrated at different times every year, but it is a bit complicated, so if you are interested you can read here.

After playing with the statue, I became a bit meditative and calm and started reflecting on my surroundings and my place in the universe.

Wow! Everything really is interconnected. I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Till next time.


  1. It's after midnight but it has been so long since I checked out Kaia's blog so thought I would drop in :-) Was not disappointed - she is simply gorgeous, a real ham for the camera's and it is a delight to read about what she has been up to. Must say, my fave photo is Kaia tasting the wet slide at the park!! Made me laugh out loud to see her exploring her new world :-)

  2. and here i thought that you were smiling to show off those lovely teeth :) lovely as usual! the dress is priceless.