April 21, 2007

The Open Road and Slidin'

Here are a few pictures of me practicing walking down the street to the park. I can stand up on everything I can get my hands on and "cruise", but I can't walk on my own just yet. I am getting pretty close. We are expecting a step any day now. In the meantime, I use my walker to get around.

It's so much fun getting my ride out on the open rode and just opening it up...

Take a look at this ride! Nothing like the feeling of wind in your hair and the open road.

Watch out people! Kaia is on the road.

Then we get to the park and it is slide time! My daddy wanted to mention how happy he is with the next two shots and that they make great screen savers!

Have you ever been down one of these things? Man are they fun! I can slide down on my own now, and it is really a rush.

Then we were off to the big slide for some more adrenaline packed fun.

Woaaahhhh...I am moving pretty fast!

But it feels great! I want to go again.

All in all we had a great time and we beat the rain this time. See you next week.


  1. i loved strolling through these wonderful pictures of your sweet little doll. thank you for sharing your link with me. Nothing compares to the pure internal bliss that comes from parenthood! xo

  2. these were great!! kaia seems to be laughing and smiling alot- doesn't she ever cry? or are you the most awesome parent ever? :) love the colors!

  3. Loved the slide pictures. Keep looking at them everyday.
    One of these days you are going to take off and walk by yourself. Then watch out world.