March 31, 2007

Chillin at the Shangri La

We just spent the last few days in Bangkok, Thailand. We got to stay at a very nice hotel called the Shangri La because my mommy and daddy were there for work. We stayed on the 25th floor and the view was amazing. This is early morning on the Bangkok River. Check back in a few days on my daddy's blog for more pics of Thailand and a re-cap of the trip. This is my blog and my pics, so let's move on!

I spent a lot of time in our hotel room, because mommy and daddy were at sessions or on day trips. It was really hot and chaotic outside, but I had many "firsts" right in our room. This was the first time I stayed with a stranger. Her name was Pom and we got along fine!
I spent a lot of time cruising around the room and checking things out.

But the piece de resistance was the shower! This thing was awesome, and what made it even better was the huge fluffy white towels we had when we came out.

So warm and cozy. Another first actually happened in this wonder world of water. I bled for the first time and my daddy nearly had a heart attack. I was enjoying my shower, when I slipped and banged my new teeth on the floor. It was a panic moment, but everything is fine and now my daddy is hyper careful. Kind of annoying, but he didn't like the site of blood!

Here I am acting like a lady of leisure having breakfast on the terrace.

Can you believe that I am only nine months old and I have already been to Thailand? This is going to be one cool life! I mean look at where I am! There are many people who never leave the county, let alone the country where they were born.

But it's not all fun and game being on vacation. All my patterns get mixed up and sleeping is scary and difficult. I wake up in the middle of the night and I am not sure where I am so I scream. Good thing mom and dad are right there to comfort me. I also tend to wake up a bit earlier than my schedule. Here I am rummaging around the bed at 5:45am!

Mommy does not look pleased! She had been up at 4am the day before because of me. But look at how cute I am. They can't stay mad for long.

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  1. looks like you all are having fun- early mornings notwithstanding :)