March 27, 2007

Baby Einstein and Maracas

We don't do it too often, because my mommy and daddy say that too much TV is bad, but sometimes I sit and watch my Baby Einstein DVDs. I like to fiddle with the buttons, but I still can't turn it on by myself.

But once it gets going, watch out. These videos are great. I just got my own Big Girl chair, and I love to sit in it and watch all the cool shapes and colors.

Here I am watching the video called My First Signs; we are trying to learn some basic sign language signs to help me better understand language. I don't know about all that, but they are very fun to watch.

I like to concentrate and really take it all in.

Oh...did you see that? Man these puppets crack me up!

After about 25 minutes though, I am done and it's time to get down, but this Big Girl chair is more difficult to get off than it looks.

After a bit of help, we all clap because I got off the chair. What can we say? We are pleased by simple things.

Then it's time for a little shake your money maker! I have these cool maracas, and now that I have learned to shake things before I put them in my mouth, we love to play this game. First I watch...

..then I shake and shake and shake...Look at em go!

See you next time...We are off to Thailand!

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