March 24, 2007

Playing In The Rain

I woke up early from my afternoon nap today and was a bit cranky. Both my mommy and daddy were trying to catch a nap too, but since mommy had been up early; it was daddy’s turn to deal with my mood. The rainy season has hit Malaysia, and that means it is like a sauna outside all the time. It rains a few hours then while the rain abates, the temperatures hover around 98 degrees with about 120% humidity. It is not for everyone, but we love it. Anyway, after I woke up, my daddy thought it would be a good idea for us to have my first experiencing playing in the rain. Well, not actually in the rain, but at the new wet park near our house. At first I was a bit hesitate because everything was wet…

...but once we got there and my feet hit the ground, I knew this would be fun.

It was only a matter of time before we were laughing and splashing around.

I even practiced standing in my fancy new flip-flops. I am getting pretty good at standing. I can stand for about 20 seconds sometimes. Look Grandma! No Hands!

Towards the end, we were soaking wet. Daddy was worried that mommy would yell at us for playing in the water, so we went home to change into our dry clothes.

But first, we crawled around the jungle gym a while longer. It was so high, and I was a bit scared, but my daddy was there and I knew he was looking out for me.

All in all, it was a great day.

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  1. Marjan9:14 PM

    Dear Kaia,

    This year is your first Persian New Year; I know it can be very confusing with the happy New Year in the middle of March but happy New Year any way. I ask your grandma read this for U:

    Salae no maborak Kaiaie azizam
    Dokhtare khocholoye lazizam.

    Kaiaie khoshgele man sorati poshideh
    Ba flip-flop toyeh hayat davideh

    Bazi mikoneh toye park ba babash
    Mikhandeh oo mitooneh vase roo pahash

    Cheshmash mesle range shab meshkie
    Lophash mesle poste holoo zershkie
    Labaash khoshgel oo nazeh
    Dampaieash bamazeh, jolosh bazeh

    Doset daram, asheghetam Kaiaie man
    Ba bodeaneh to hast In bahar behtarin bahare man.

  2. Cool Outfit. Soon you will taking off and walking.