February 19, 2007

Under The Sea

This has been such an exciting Chinese New Year’s weekend. Today we woke up and went to the Kuala Lumpur aquarium. My parents love the ocean and the under water world so much that they named me after it. But this was my first time to see what all the hype is about for myself. I can’t wait to actually go diving with my mommy and daddy when I am older. In the meantime, I am only 7 months old so the aquarium it is!

As soon as we walked downstairs the glowing aqua lights caught my attention. It was so calm and pretty down there. Then I saw them! So many fish swimming around that I was mesmerized.

The first few tanks were open, and I could look right in and see the leopard sharks and turtles.

I wanted to jump right in and swim with them, but my mommy held me tight.

There were fish everywhere! I wanted to crawl over everyone and touch them all.

As you can see, I was very excited!

The open tanks were great and all, but then we went into the tube room. It was this long hallway surrounded my fish, sharks, turtles and rays. I was hypnotized as soon as we walked in. You should have seen it in there. It was beautiful!

Like I said, my mommy and daddy know their stuff, so they pointed things out for me to see. Sting rays, leopard sharks, black tips, angel fish, there were so many things to see.

Then came the big stuff. Oh my God! Look at the size of this ray!

Or this grouper!

Or this shark!

It was all too much. My mommy and I felt so small. I can't wait to see what it feels like in the real ocean.
I just wanted to jump in and touch all the fish. Did I already say that? Well I mean it.

As we were leaving we saw this guy named Confucius who said, "It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop." That made sense to me, but I still wasn't sure if this guy was for real. His beard looked a bit suspect, so I investigated.

At the end of the day, I was pooped! It is hard work checking out life under the sea.

We had a quick lunch and we were off for home. Just in time to go to the pool for the third straight day.

I was so inspired that I kicked and kicked. I even started drinking the pool water, but my daddy said that wasn't a good idea. The fish were doing it? But he knows best

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  1. you live in a very beautiful place! don't know that i would like the heat and humidity but it is lovely. where's the desert going to be?