February 20, 2007

Bird Park

Our four-day weekend is winding to a close, and we are all exhausted. But it has been such a fun few days. A lot of people are saying that they wish we would post more than once a week, so you are in for a treat- the third post in that many days!

Today we went to Lake Gardens Bird Park. It was hot and humid, but we braved the elements and made our way to see some birds. Before we even got started I needed some water. I am learning how to drink from my own “sippy” cup. Thank god because I was sucking on the thing all day long. Got to stay hydrated!

I have been in the sun so often these last few days, that I am developing a farmers tan! You can see it in this picture. Did I mention how HOT it was today? I could barely sit up.

Lake Gardens is a really pretty park in downtown KL. You can see the KL tower in the background. It is a bit surreal how they have created a tropical refuge amidst all the buildings. It was very pleasant and shady.

All day, I noticed strange birds crossing our path.

Here we are watching some flamingos and pelicans.

Sorry that is the last picture, because my daddy forgot to charge the battery on the camera. Rest assured that we had a great time. Try to mentally imagine me confronting a roused peacock, or smiling at an emu, or passed out cold in the car on the way home after another great day with my mommy and daddy. We are going to Thailand and Cambodia for our next holiday. I can't wait to see Angkor Wat. Don't worry. My daddy will buy an extra battery by then.


  1. kaia- you are going to be really glad that your folks exposed you to different parts of this beautiful planet. i know that your main concern right now is the sippy cup thing- but you have to grow into your goals :)

  2. ChrisH6:33 PM

    I belong to a community of families that are teaching their children sign language as a speech development aid and came across your blog through a Google auto-search that I have set up. Our online community (forum) is through Signing Time! and is available at http://www.signingtime.com/forums/?osCsid=c3bd3f3b73bd5cd9250cade8759fe322. Kaia is such a doll and you seem like a very involved parent. It's exciting to see that there are others out there that have found how valuable baby sign language is. Take Care!