December 02, 2011

Our Week in Pics

Daddy has promised to try and load all the pictures he takes of us, from his phone, at the end of the week, so our blog stays current.

I am becoming such a great reader. Every night I bring a new book from school, and I am able to read so many of my sights words and sound out the bigger ones.

We got our Christmas tree up this week. It's nice to have ornaments from the different countries in which we have lived. See from Doha and Jakarta!
Last weekend we headed out to brunch. We were all so excited when we started...
...but after two hours of sitting in traffic with no AC, things changed quickly.
Before and after...
Daddy trying to get Skye to sleep.

After school on Friday, Skye and I decided to play with some golden glitter.

Which brings us to Friday night. After dinner we all crawled into bed to watch Elf.


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