November 19, 2011

Here is Where We Have Been!

Sorry folks, but since my daddy bought his phone, many of our photos are on Instagram and Facebook. We know, however, that many family members still access our photos on our blog. Here is what we have been up:

Daddy and I a few Sunday morning ago. Right when I woke him up.

Skyelar out on a walk.

Playing dragons at school.

Every time I see this statue at school, I scream. "Shops open!!!!"

Daddy went to pick up Skye at school and she didn't even notice he was there.

Another Sunday morning wake up call.

Playing airplane on daddy's feet.

Eating lunch at the playground.

Skye playing at the water feature at the playground.

Waking up before school.

I made these glass, cuz I thought they looked cool, but Skyelar won't take them off.

Story time at our house

Me in the glasses.

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