July 08, 2011


I am having a great time on our holiday, but a few days ago, I got a bad ear infection. It's OK now, because we went to the doctor, but he said that I couldn't swim for a few days. So, what is there to do when you are staying in a beach town, besides swim? Well, we found out the answer to that question when we went to a mall and discovered that there is a bowing alley!

They had bumper bowling for me, as well as a ramp to help me roll the ball (it was pretty heavy!), so I had a really fun and easy time!

Skye can't bowl, so she sat and colored while we played. I helped her when it wasn't my turn.

She wasn't too impressed with my bowling skills, but once I got a strike, and she was pretty excited for me!

We also discovered that another fun thing to do instead of swimming is to have a dance party! Skye and I had Mommy play some music on her computer, and then we danced and danced and DANCED!

Mommy has some great video of our dance party that she will include once she has the chance to edit all of it! We're keeping her pretty busy...

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