February 04, 2011

Just Cuz'

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  1. Hi Kaia,

    This is Mrs. Lim, a music teacher from Philadelphia area. I came across your blog through your Dad on Twitter. I'm so glad I stopped by!

    You and your sister are beautiful! I love this picture - you are in motion to kiss her. You must love her very much!

    I was reading about your post about Chinese New Year (you in a beautiful dress). What songs did you learn?

    A little bit about me:
    I love to sing, especially with my children or my students! I love to play the piano and guitar. Recently, our school purchased a set of world drums and I love learning African or Middle Eastern rhythms. I love my family and also love to cook!

    You can visit my blog (it might be a little boring for you to read) if you wish!

    Keep up the great work with your blog. You certainly look like you're having so much fun learning!

    Sending greetings from the States,
    Mrs. L