February 03, 2011

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

Skyelar has been feeling a bit under the weather this week, but after we went to the doctor yesterday and loaded her up on anti-biotics, we were ready to head to the mall to chill out.

The cool thing about Jakarta is that they celebrate so many holidays. Here are some pictures of the Chinese New Year decorations.

I think it is freezing in the mall, so I always dress like I am going to the North Pole.

See Skyelar is still a bit out of it, but she loved looking at the red pagoda and Koi.

We threw some coins for good luck and I actually hit the bell!

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

1 comment:

  1. I like the decorations very much.

    Kaia, you and your family are so lucky to be living where they celebrate so many cultures.

    Skyelar, I hope you feel better.