December 05, 2010

Back Yard Open for Business

Our house has a tiny little yard in the back and until a few days ago it look like this:

Not bad, I know, all that green cover on the ground was weeds and basically a giant mosquito nest. The bloodsuckers were so bad that we couldn't be outside for more than one minute before being covered by a pelt of bugs. Our yard was a waste of space and we never went out there. That is until today! My mommy and daddy had the weeds removed and planted a special short grass that doesn't need to be cut. Now it looks like this!

We still have  plans to add some statues, flowers, and maybe a little vegetable patch, but today we ventured out to see what it was like and guess what? Not one mosquito. We spent almost an hour in our yard and not one bite on the three of us. We are very excited to spend time out there on a regular basis.

Skyelar hasn't spent much time out there, but she was right at home playing in the mud.

I loved climbing the trees!

We explored the bushes looking for bugs and found a few!

I kept my hands clean much better than Skyelar.

Then I was back in a tree. This yard business is a good time.

It's not huge, but it is a nice size for us to play some tag, climb some trees, play in the mud and explore!

Today was a bit muddy, but that didn't stop us. Next time daddy said he would dress us in old clothes so we don't have to worry about getting our clothes dirty. Skyelar was a mess, but daddy washed all her clothes after and they are as good as new.

Hey Aidan and Morgan, we can't wait to play in our yard with you!

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  1. Kaia, the yard looks great. I am glad you have someplace to play outdoors. You and Skyelar should have lots of fun out there.