December 11, 2010

Santa Clause is Coming To Town

We had a busy day today! We started off by heading over to Max and Mya's house for some X-mas fun and wait for it......SANTA!!!!!!

Skyelar took her time taking it all in, but eventually fit right in.

We colored, made pipe cleaner candy canes...

...decorated cookies, and the finally he arrived!

I was a little nervous, but told the big man that I hope I get a new camera for X-mas. He said okay and gave me a great musicbox/jewelry box to hold me over. For the record, Skyelar would have nothing to do with Saint Nick. She was screaming before we could even turn the camera on.

We were exhausted on the way home. We then went to a birthday party (sorry no pics) and then I went to see my first play.

It was awesome day.


  1. It looks like you both had a busy but fun day! Kaia, the cookies you decorated make me think of Christmas.

  2. Kaia and Skyelar, what a busy day you had. I know it must have been lots of fun.

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