November 17, 2010

X-Mas Comes Early

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas at our house. Statues adorned...

...stockings hung...

...tree and very excited one year old...

...Santa caps...

Seeing that we have at least 35 + day to go, I am sure there will be many more photos.


  1. marilyn magno10:37 PM

    hello skyelar, i am happy to see your fine and and wearing christmas hat, nice christmas decor
    in your house.good to see your two tooth miss you muahh!

  2. Very festive and beautiful! Both Skyelar and my Alizé have got two front teeth for Christmas :-) We are also in the process of decorating our home for Christmas. My older daughter Fatima has been looking forward to making some snowflake patterns to decorate our windows. Keep the photos coming!