August 11, 2008

Phuket Summer 08'

Only about 25% of Americans own passports. What does this mean? You may ask. It means that most Americans never leave the good ole United States. I am only sharing this statistic with you, because I just turned two and just returned from my third trip to Thailand. As always the pattern was standard fair: Eat, swim, sleep- repeat. But we did take a quick Tuk Tuk ride to a neighboring beach.

My daddy keeps promising video, and believe me there is lots of footage, but you have to be patient. It should be posted very soon. (Okay okay! Here is one!)

There is more video footage of my swimming prowess that is much more impressive than still shots, but here are a few anyway of me in the pool. Let it be noted here on a somewhat permanent cyber record for posterity that I was able to swim, on my own, at the age of two. (Video proof forthcoming.) What can I say? I love the water; my name does mean ocean after all...

After a long day in the pool, it is time for cozy towel time near the chairs. (Don't I look a lot like my aunty Marjan in this picture? )

See you next time people.

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  1. What a great surprise this morning to find pictures and videos. Isn't a pool access room terrific?