March 04, 2007

Little Crawlers

Every Sunday morning at 10:00am, we get up and go to my Little Crawlers class. This place is goldmine for people who are just learning to crawl and walk. I mean look at all the fun things you can climb on!

The class starts with TOYS, TOYS, and more TOYS. They literally dump of a bucket of them in front of us and let us go at em’. I don't waste time looking. I usually just crawl right out there and start sucking on the firsst thing I see.

Somtimes, though, mommy shows me how to put the shapes in the holes. It takes some concentration, but I like it.

Then we sing a few songs. This is the time I like to look around and see what else is going on!

Then it is time to just go crawling around. I love it. I am getting pretty good. I can crawl up and down many of the foam obstacles.

It is usually all smiles and laughs.

Then we play with the mirror for a while.

And finally the bubbles. I am not sure if I can articulate for you, just how exciting these little spheres can be. I mean come on! Just look at em'

Wow! So pretty.

My daddy took 100 photos, narrowed them down to like 35, and decided it would be best to put them on Flikr. So check out more pics here.
Or watch a slideshow by clicking the link below:
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  1. Kaia,loved the slideshow. Looks like a fun place. You are getting so big. I am very glad your daddy takes so many pictures of you.

  2. bubbles are really cool! i think it is great that you enjoy them so!

  3. Cute little one having so much fun.