March 11, 2007

A Few Saturday Morning B&Ws

I cannot really explain how much I love the camera. Every time my daddy takes out his camera, I am all smiles. Here is a photo shoot that I think captures my excitement. We start off nice and easy with a sweet smile!

Then I start to jump up and down and squeal.

Then it’s linebacker-face time. They don’t call me Kaia-bear for nothing. Roarrrrrrrrrr!

Arrgghhh!!! Man I love this camera. Take more! Take more!

Then just to show my versatility, I am coy and sweet again. “Look away from the camera. I want to see you convey sadness and loss,” he says. Not bad for an eight-month old!


  1. i cannot believe that kaia has teeth already! she is absolutely lovely :)

  2. Went back and looked at the pictures again. Noticed that you have enough hair to wear a barrette. Nice touch.