February 03, 2007


Every Saturday we go to my Kindermusik classes where I learn about rhythm and music. This week we started a class we two of my friends. We were all born in July this year. Here is a picture of all of us getting ready for class.

This is Caroline.

And here is Elliette.

And of course, me!

Okay! Let's get started. We start off by doing a circle dance. My daddy does this sometimes too, but this week he was on photo duty.

Wow! Look at us move.

Next we play with rhythm sticks. my mommy is showing me how to keep a beat.

Then there are some tickling games, always a good time...

Some rocking back and forth...


And of course, just flapping your arms and getting loose!

We all come together and check each other out.

Then that's it. All crammed into only 30 minutes. After we are done we have some downtime, where we crawl around and play...

Then I decided to explore my sense of self and check myself out in the mirror.

As you can see, I liked what I saw.

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