August 05, 2012

End of July

Life is rolling along here in Singapore. Here we are with Finnley and Grace, when they came to visit and we watched some Elmo.

My Zazu pet was having some issues, so daddy and I did some surgery, and got most of the hair out of her wheels, but she is still not 100%.

Our friend Shruti bought is some new Carebears, so mommy download some Carebear movies. We like both

Skye playing with daddy at the playground behind our condo.

All the new teachers at my new school have kids. Lots of kids. There are four girls in the 1st grade, just like me. Here we are meeting for the first time at a party last week.

Some quality, serious painting time out on the deck.

I have learned to bring things to do on the bus. Here I am reading to Skye on the way to school.

This morning daddy brought out his guitar and I suggested we jam!

This is what it sounded like

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