June 20, 2012

Summer in Singapore

The pictures of our summer so far are pretty self-explanatory. It is hot and sunny and we are sweaty and having fun. Singapore so far has been great, and we haven;t even moved into our own place yet. We are getting settled and having a good time doing it.

Here we are at he zoo!

They have a great water play area, perfect for cooling off, after a long day of walking around.

I had my camera and took some good shots. Here is the one of the lion.

Daddy having fun with one of his phone apps.

Making my own zoo early in the morning. I explained to daddy that the lion won't eat the other animals because they are all friends before they came to the zoo.

After swimming, we were all pretty beat, so it was time to take a tech break and lounge out on the couch.

Here we are climbing a tree at East Coast Park.

My first of many Slurpees. They are soooo yummy and only $1. If only they weren't pure sugar.

Mommy and Skye looking beautiful in the evening sun as we go for a walk.

Skye and I playing in Scarlett's room in the sunbeams.

Skye taking a book break.

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  1. Grandpa Pat and I have so enjoyed seeing all your Singapore pictures. It looks like you are having a grand time having lots of fun and learning about all the things to do there.