May 17, 2012

Month of May

Wow. Sorry family and friends--it has been so long since we posted any pictures. We are busy finishing up the year and getting ready for our move. But we have been having a pretty good May. Here are some pics. Starting off with me practicing my Chinese characters for homework.

Spending some quality time with Zoe.

Here is Skye reading before school.

On a weekend bike ride. She can ride all by herself now.

Hot and sweaty, smelling the flowers.

Watching mommy play Angry Birds.

I was a bit sick a few weeks ago, but all better now.

Taking are of the Early Year's garden at school.


Running free. Chasing a butterfly.

Before school. Asleep and awake.

Sleeping sisters.


  1. Kunci keberhasilan adalah menanamkan kebiasaan sepanjang hidup Anda untuk melakukan hal - hal yang Anda takuti.
    tetap semangat tinggi untuk jalani hari ini ya gan ! ditunggu kunjungannya :D

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