April 28, 2012

The Week Lived

Nothing says a great day at school like dye stained hands.This day we were staining our paper mache animals.

Skye is rarely in  good morning, but on this day she was down right chipper. Begging daddy to take a picture with the statue.

We were so excited to have a candle bath a few nights ago.

I woke up early today and started drawing and writing in my scrapbook. I drew a circle and broke it up into sections. Then I wrote, " There are many things not okay with the Earth. People are killing too many animals."

Earlier this week, after I saw an art exhibition on Shark Fin soup I had this chat with daddy:

Me: We should send an email to everyone in the world telling them not to eat Shark Fin Soup
Daddy: We don't have everyone's email address.
Me: Why don't we put it on Twitter or a blog or something so they can see it and stop. 

I was floating and singing in the tub, when daddy came and grabbed this photo!


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