March 31, 2012

Our Weekend Back Home

We came back from Singapore and have had a great time. I had never seen a florist, but I was inspired by what I saw after we visited one in Singapore. So the other morning, while my parents slept, I made this all on my own.

We have also decided that we need to ride my bike more often, so I can get ready for losing the training wheels. We have been going on a short ride everyday. Here I found some dandelions and made a wish.

Skye looking adorable and waiting for breakfast after she set the table on her own.

We are also trying to get Skye on her bike. She is still too small, but daddy pushed her and she is getting started.

We got off the bikes and explored the grassy area by our house. Look at this cool Praying Mantis I found. Skye thought it was pretty cool.

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