December 14, 2011

Our Week

Started the week with some painting while Kaia and mommy where out shopping.

Then we went out for a walk and played in the grass.

Finished off the day with some piggy back rides and spinning/screaming.

On Sunday, we saw Happy Feet 2 t the premier theater. Look at the cozy seats and blankets!

Last night, daddy painted our faces just for fun!

Here I am in class. Daddy took this picture from the window...peaking in

Finally, Santa came to our school and gave us some goody bags. I gave my bag to the orphan kids, for whom we were collecting toys. It was hard for me to give the stuff away, but mommy and daddy said that sometimes it is better to share our gifts with others. I am learning about sacrificing my own needs and giving to others. It was hard at first, but I felt better about it after it was done.

1 comment:

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