September 19, 2011

Shanghai 2011

Looks like our photos from Shanghai have posted backwards, so try to follow the story backwards. Oh, and we hope to get a lot more picture from Grandma and Grandpa, because we spent the days with them while mommy and daddy were at work.

Here I am boarding the plane to Hong Kong on our way home. I have become a very good flyer and I carry my own bag everywhere in the airport.

Sometimes when it gets heavy we find a cart, and today Skyelar was learning to help too.

Here we are waiting to board the plane. Mommy and daddy couldn't stop saying how proud of us they were. We had a great travel day. Not too much screaming and we behaved.

Now here are some picture from Shanghai. Skyelar is brave when it comes to new food and she loved noodles.

Here I am in Yu Gardens playing with my new sling-shot toy.

Family on The Bund. You wouldn't believe how many buildings, lights and people there are down there.

Yu Gardens again.

Here I am bargaining with the lady for a new dress and some slippers. I had to sing Happy Birthday in Chinese as part of our deal, and she loved it.

By The Pearl Tower.

Cool lights by The Bund.

Look at how cool!

From our hotel room. So many people.

Me and my daddy.

Mommy and Skyelar.

Skye reading before bed.

Fun in a cab on the way home.

Cool statue I saw one night, while out and about.

Getting set to go to Shanghai. Remember these photos were backwards.

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