July 01, 2011

Summer Fun- Phuket Edition Part VI- Birthday Edition

My birthday is actually next week on the eigth, but since tonight was the last night my grandparents were here- we had a party! First we went out to dinner at my new favorite place Nikita's on the water.

Then we came home for cake. My mom baked it. My daddy and I decorated it with the coolest Tinker Bell fairy decorations that my Grand Ma brought.It was two layers with pudding in the middle!

You guessed it! It was yummy.

Then it was time for presents! My mommy and daddy had already given me my mask & fins and a guitar back in Jakarta, but my Grand Ma and Grand Pa did not disappoint.

 I got all kinds of new games and books.

Skeyalr was upset it wasn't her birthday, but hers is coming up.

Then the mother load! My first Barbie.

It was a great birthday and I am so happy that my grand parents were here to share it with me.

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