June 17, 2011

Almost Five

Dear Kaia,

Today was such a proud day for me. Not just because you got an amazing report from your teacher; well that was part of it, but it was because I can see the amazing little lady you are becoming. To watch you interact with your friends and our friends and your teachers and strangers makes me so happy. You are not yet five, but you exude such confidence and joy. You are intense and passionate and such a beautiful child.

We have started to give you some early birthday presents and to watch you drawn to them is amazing. Sometimes, I wonder where the line is between giving you opportunities, and influencing who you are. I see so much of me in you and this is worthy of admiration and pride and fear. I want you to be your own person, but to see you love taking pictures with your camera, or yearning to learn how to snorkel with your new fins and mask is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for showing such eagerness in trying the things that re so important to me. I only hope that they will equally enrich your life.

Today was the piece de resistance. We gave you your first guitar and to watch your eyes light up and ask me to grab my instrument so we could play together made my heart sing.

I dream of the day when you are older and we walk down a quiet beach after a day of diving, guitars in hand, ready to sing by a fire, after a day of taking photographs. Am I using you to create a mimi-me? Perhaps, but I hope you take these tools that I value so much and make them your own. I will guide you and share what I know, because I cannot wait for the day when you do the same for me.

One day you will gently strum a six string and sing like I never will. I love you more than I ever thought possible. You are my life. You will be five soon and you are already my best friend.

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