May 06, 2011

Some Fun Lately...

My mom has been taking tons of pictures lately, but we've been so busy that she hasn't had time to post them. So, here they are! Be prepared to see LOTS of great new pictures of Skye and me...

One day, everyone was taking a nap except me. My mom woke up first and came to see what I was doing. She found me in the play room, making a card for one of my friends. She was very proud of me and thought that my card was great!

Doesn't my card look awesome? I made it ALL by myself!

My mom then got this great shot of Skyelar eating risotto. She was loving it, as you can see:

One of my after school activities is a Chinese culture class. Last week, we made these pictures. First, it is a caterpillar...

It has a tab on one end. You'll see why soon...

I also got to bring home the book mark that I'd made the week before!

So, when you pull the tab, the caterpillar...

...turns into a butterfly! Isn't that cool? I really like that class.

Speaking of bugs, Skye is turning into a real book worm! Most of the time, this is what you will find her doing:

She really loves books, just like me!

And finally, the piano pictures! Our school has a piano in the lobby, so during lunch and after school kids can play it. One day, no one was on it, so my dad and I decided to give it a go!

Neither of us actually knows HOW to play the piano, but it was fun! Mom and dad asked me to think about taking piano lessons, if I decide that I really want to learn how to play.

That was our week, hope you liked it!

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