May 23, 2011


We have been having so much fun lately that Mommy and Daddy have had a hard time keeping up with posting pictures and video! However, Mommy finally got some time in her day to show you some of the great things we've been up to!

Here are some pictures of me and Daddy reading together at school. I am learning to read, and all I want to do is practice all of the time:

Here are some cute pictures of Skye and I during the weekend, cozying up in bed to watch a video after dinner:

Finally, here are a couple of shots of Daddy, Skye and I doing an art project. I am making a card for a friend in my class, and Skye is just practicing learning how to color:

Skye is learning to pose and say, "Cheese!"

There will be another post very soon that will have video, so be on the lookout for us!

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