March 27, 2011

'Cuz You Had A Bad Day...

People think that I am pretty darn cute, and most of the time, they are right. Most of the time, I am sweet and delightful, and I bring sunshine to my parents' life. However, I also have my bad days, when I wake up in a bad mood and pretty much stay that was all day!

Like today, for example...

Here is I was at 7:00 a.m: 9:00 a.m: 11:30 a.m:

Yep, Mommy and Daddy decided to take me out in public! I have no idea why why... 4:00 p.m:

And this was AFTER a nap!

...and finally, at bedtime:

Hopefully, tomorrow I will wake up and have another good day and give my parents a break! Though, the way that I see it, I am preparing them for our teenage years...

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