January 22, 2011

Little Dancing Rabbit

Today was a very exciting day at my school. We had a big festival to celebrate the Chinese New Year and my class performed a dance. We got to dress up in costumes and dance in front of a full theater. At first I was a bit nervous, but I ended doing a great job. Here is a picture of me before we got started.

We have been practicing hard as you can see from the video below...

But there was nothing like the feeling of being in stage for real. I was nervous, but it felt good and I really liked it.


  1. Great videos. Kaia, you and your classmates must have practiced very hard. You did such a great job.

  2. Hi Kaia,
    I really liked watching you dance in your videos! What language is the song? You are a FANTASTIC dancer!! We don't celebrate the Chinese New Year at our school in Canada, so now I am going to think of something to do to celebrate it here at home.
    I also looked through some of your other pictures, and I really like the ones that you took. I will post a picture for you on twitter to your dad.

    I love your blog so much, with all of your Dad's writing and pictures and music and pictures of Skyelar and your Mom too, that now I'm going to come back to look at your blog regularly. My friend's little boy Isaac always calls me Auntycathybeach. I think he thinks that that is my real name! But my real name is just Cathy.

    Happy Chinese New Year wishes from the land of ice and snow,
    a very Wintery Ontario Canada

  3. That butterfly is like the one on my shirt. Wow, look at all that snow.

  4. tboudreau@asd.edu.qa7:55 AM

    Dear Kaia,
    Wow! I just watched the video of your concert. You were terrific. I loved how you were ready as soon as the music started. You were a real leader on the stage. The best part was that you looked like you were really having fun.
    Thanks for sharing your show with us!
    Love, Tara