December 26, 2010

Kaia's Report Card

Dear Kaia,

We received one of your first report cards the other day, and I have been feeling a sense of beaming pride ever since. While you can be stubborn, ornery, and generally difficult to be around, there is a fire inside of you that burns so bright it makes me happy. I was extra pleased when I could see that this energy is coming out in your daily learning at school.

I hope that when you are older we can look back on reports like this and say, "Yup, you have been this amazing ever since you were born!"

Here is a section on learning from your report when you were in Pre-K at Sinarmas in Indonesia:
Kaia is a dynamic child who shows great talent in literacy and numeracy. She has the ability to quickly learn the lyrics to songs and in this way, she is a good role model for her classmates. Kaia is also adept at developing and understanding of new concepts and applying these to new situations.  She is naturally inquisitive, and always asks questions and seeks further information about topics of interest. She usually tries to listen and participate during circle time. Kaia’s energy and enthusiasm toward learning is infectious. She sometimes needs prompting to stay on task rather than rush through activities. She has show herself to be a risk taker by always being willing to try something new, speaking in front of the class and showing confidence to perform on the stage for an audience. Kaia is well liked by her peers. She is honest, strong-willed and has a sense of fair play. Kaia works very well in groups collaborating with her peers. In class, Kaia engages in a variety of activities from art to computer to playing with blocks. During recess, she usually like to play in the swings with Karen. Keep up the good work Kaia!

These are the words I have always dreamed of using to describe you, and here they all are:
  • dynamic
  • role model
  • naturally inquisitive
  • energy and enthusiasm toward learning is infectious
  • try something new
  • risk taker
  • confidence
  • honest,
  • strong-willed
  • sense of fair play
  • works very well in groups 
Keep up the good work indeed. Love you!


  1. Kaia, This was a very good report card. You should be very proud of all your hard work.

  2. Granpa Mehran5:44 PM

    Kaia merry christmas you are one of a kind I love you so much

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