October 02, 2010

Okay To Play On

Big day today. With mommy in Malaysia, it was just us and daddy. We had a lot of hours to fill, and waking up at 5:15 am didn't make the day any shorter. We started off the morning with some breakfast and dress up. Skyelar got into the act too.

Then I had a Skype with some new friends. They live in Vietnam, and though we have never met we had a great chat. talking about books and toys and money. Look you can see me on their screen.

Then we headed out to explore this park across the street from our house. It was okay.

I did my own hair today. Can you tell?

It was fun to run around the trees and the green space.

Daddy says hugging trees is good. That sometimes they need hugs too. Even though they just stand there.

The playground wasn't too great, but Skyelar really liked being in the swing. I thought it was for babies.

Here is Skyelar with her one tooth. This is her angry pirate look. She uses it when she is annoyed accompanied by a growl.

There were some okay things to play on.

Afterwards we went to a local market and saw live and dead chickens and cows and goats. it was pretty gross, so my daddy didn't take any pictures. But he said that it was important for me to see what animals look like before people eat them. I said that it was gross and that I was glad we choose not to eat animals. The chickens were in cages and they didn't look happy. There were lots of fish too, but I said they would be better swimming in the ocean than dead on some ice.

After we got all hot and sweaty, we went to lunch at the mall. We had pancakes and ice cream! Daddy was too tired and forgot to take a picture of the food.

Tomorrow it's a play place and a haircut.

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  1. Dear Kaia

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I like Hello Kitty too!

    I know Oscar & Ophelia too! They came to our house in Singapore.

    I want you to come to our house. Then we can play together. Bring your togs because I want to go for a swim with you. We could bring toys.

    From Scarlett