October 19, 2010

Adventure Day at the Singapore Zoo

We started our expedition conferring with our maps. We had a big day of game viewing and we didn't want to get lost!

Skyelar just grinned and followed along all day long. She was a real trooper.

Ooh horse!

Not to be out done, here I am riding one.

There was also a great water area where I got soaking wet and had a great time.

We saw all kinds of cool animals.

and rode more than our fair share.


  1. marilyn magno9:37 PM

    hello kaia and skyelar, you got a good holiday in singapore right? all picture are pretty cool especially you kaia, riding on a horse it is an adventure for kaia, skyelar your hair also big and long miss you girls take care!!!

  2. Kaia,

    The Singapore Zoo looks like a great place. There were a lot of terrific things to do.