August 19, 2010

The Hokey Pokey and Other Fun Things

I am starting to move beyond pure baby food and can swallow some smaller bits of food. I still only have the bud of one tiny tooth, but I will eat anything you put in front of me,

See look, POP right in the mouth!

Unlike the picky eaters in my family, like Kaia and my mommy, I will eat anything. I love food.

Meanwhile Kaia was....

I was working on some art craft time while Skye ate dinner and my mommy made Quesadillas for dinner.

Oh, and I was dressed up in the traditional Iranian village costume my grandpa brought for me.

You can see some of the carpets and other things in our house now. We will send more pics soon. The place feels great.

Finally, I learned this song in school today and wanted to share...


  1. So cute! What lovely wee sisters and so talented too. Not many people could rock the Hokey Pokey in Iranian Village Costume, but Kaia pulled it off nicely.

    Looking forward to the next episode...


  2. Hi Skyelar! Baby Scarlett just got her first tooth today. She's catching up to you! And Kaia, I love your cool Iranian Village costume. I bet Oscar is going to love it too! Great singing, by the way. The Hokey Pokey is one of my favorites!

  3. Kaia, love your music and dance. The Iranian outfit your grandpa brought you is beautiful, I like all the colours!

  4. Kaia, loved your song and dance. Your costume is very pretty. Aren't you glad your shipment arrived and now you have all your books and toys again?

    Skyelar, keep eating all those good vegetables.