July 09, 2010

Ramblin Rose

Yesterday, was my birthday and while we had already celebrated back in Doha, I got to ask my mommy and daddy for a lot of little things all day long. It was great. They felt sorry for me since they dragged me all over Jakarta to go shopping for eight hours, so every time I said, "Can I have this pleeeeeeeease? It's a special day. It's my birthday." They said yes. This seemed to work quite well. Lo and behold my new pink rose headband garland thing.

It makes my daddy a bit nauseous to look at it, but even he has to admit I look pretty darned cute in it.

Here he asked me to do, "something a princess would do." What can I say I improvised. I mean what kind of request is that?

I know we haven't posted pictures in a while. We hope these hold you over for a while. Will send more once we are out of this hotel and in our new house. I am sure I will have lots of pictures of my new room. Did I tell you I am getting a bunk bed? And the whole room is pink and purple...

Me and my dad.

Me and my little sis!


  1. I love Dear kaia and Skyelar page. you have so beautiful girls. I hope cu soon.
    love Aunt Marjan

  2. I think the flower headband is very pretty. Just fit for a princess.