July 01, 2010

Goodbye to my Marylin!

When I first arrived in Doha, three long years ago, I looked like this:

Right from the start we were very lucky to find a kind woman to take care of me. Her name is Marylin. She has made countless sacrifices for our family and has always been there when we needed her. She works so hard to make sure that Skyelar and I are happy and safe. She has been a part of our family since the beginning and I will miss her very much.

Thank you Marilyn! We will miss you very much!

After we took our serious pictures, we had a few minutes to goof around with Clopsy, another Doha friend we will miss.

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  1. Kaia it is hard to believe you were only a year old when you moved to Doha. You were lucky to have Marylin take care of you. I am so glad we got to meet her. I know you will miss her and she will miss you too. Now you are on a new adventure in Indonesia.