July 11, 2010

Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa

Although we are crammed in this tiny hotel room with all our stuff, we still make time to say hi to Grandma Mary Jo and Grandpa Patrick.

It was a bit chaotic with Skyelar reading the paper (instead of read insert eat) and squirming about.

But thanks to Skype we always get to see our grandparents and they get to see us. Even from across the other side of the world.

(Note: I just want to publicly say how much I love this photo of Mairin. She looks amazing! Such a beautiful and caring mamma!)


  1. Anonymous3:57 AM

    It is so nice to keep up with Kaia and Skyelar. They are both so beautiful. Moving is not easy, but they are still young enough to adjust.

  2. I am so glad we are able to Skype. It makes it seem like you are not so far away.