April 18, 2010

Bath of Light

The most rewarding experiences parenting are not the big occasions: The first time your child rides a bike, or goes to school, or speaks, or walks, but rather those quiet moments, when you look over and see them bathed in light in all their perfection and purity. You are overcome with a sense of pure love, unlike anything you have ever experienced before, a sense that the only thing that matters in the entire world are the tiny growing thoughts and dreams in the mind of your child. It almost takes your breath away that this perfect creature will look to you for guidance and love and support, and all you have to do is hold her and smile and promise that you will always be there for her. These quiet moments can be fleeting, but can make a life worth living when they are noticed and cherished.


  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    SO CUTE mr. raisdana. omg :)

  2. Oh, to see the world through a child's eyes: fresh, new, full of endless possibilities! What a beautiful family you have :-)

  3. Beautiful set of pictures.