November 03, 2009


I have been learning a lot in school lately, here I am sharing what I have been doing.

(Last week Kaia came home and spontaneously starting going through the portfolio of work her teacher had sent home. She was about half way through it, when I asked her to start over as I raced to get the camera.)


  1. Great job Kaia! You have done some very good work.

  2. julia's mum12:34 PM

    Aw, she's such a cute little lady. She speaks so well. Remember, don't ask her again about those candles!

  3. That is why sharing content is the most important part of the learning process.How tragic would it have been for those pictures to have been thrown away instead of shared.

  4. Wow Kaia, your work is wonderful. I think the birthday cake picture was my favorite. Why was there only three candles again? haha I'm only joking. I know it is because you are three years old. I really like this video because, like Mr. Chamberlain said, "sharing content is the most important part of the learning process" and I think this does a good job of it. I would like to use it as an example of why using technology to share our children's work is important- for my blog assignment- if you don't mind. You can view it at my blog
    Hey guess what? - I will have to put 23 candles on my cake in April! That is a LOT of candles! :)