November 05, 2009

Last Child On The Web

As you may or may not know, the blog post we wrote a few weeks ago about the pictures I took has gotten some attention. Read the whole story here. After you have done that, please take a look at this cool video a girl in Alabama made for me here.

This is my response.


  1. Kaia, thank you for reading the story. My four year old daughter Qunci sat by me and watched you reading it. She especially loved the flying squirrel!

  2. Kaia, you did a very good job of telling the story. I enjoyed it very much. I know how much you love books.

  3. Uncle Liam1:53 AM

    I am amazed at Kaia's level of intelligence! It is unfortunate that I am not able to see her much! I think the blog is great and I am glad so many people are being touched by it!

  4. Kaia! That was a wonderful story! I didn't know there was a Baby Bear Baby Bear book. Thank you so much for reading it to me. You are very good at reading; I think you read it better than me! lol I hope you can read another book to me soon- maybe I will find a good Thanksgiving Day book to read to you! Hope to hear from you soon- Dillon from Alabama