November 24, 2009


Since my birth, my parents have had an unspoken rule that they wouldn't dress me in anything they would not wear themselves. So no frilly pink dresses or Dora tops for me. I am really starting to like picking out my own clothes. Today was free dress day at school, so with the help of my mommy and daddy we pieced together this ensemble.

A great Yellow Submarine T-shirt I got as a gift from Heather and Sean, plus the Flaming Vans I picked out this summer, brown corduroy shorts, leggings, and some smoking hot red socks, make for a fun outfit.

Oh, and my daddy is letting me use his fancy SLR camera more and more, so look at the pics I am able to take with it!

We are off to school for the last day before our Eid break!


  1. cute outfit! that is so something I would wear to class LOL! I love the Yellow Submarine shirt too- totally vintage!

  2. Love the shoes. I would say you are very much your father's daughter.