September 20, 2009

Up and Up and Up

I am a big fan of adventure rides and roller coasters. Our trip to Discovery Kingdom over the summer was proof of that, but as I get older, I am able to ride more and more intense rides. So it was a pleasant surprise when we were at City Center the other day and we found this little gem of a ride. If my daddy looks a bit bored that is because this was the fifth time we rode this ride.

While we were at the top we noticed that City Center is about to open up a whole new section with more rides, and they looked like they will have me screaming for more!


  1. You look so cute but i bet it was scarey going up so high. I hope you had fun!!!

  2. My two younger kids love this one too, and now that they're older (7 and 10), they like to find rides just like this that go even higher and higher!